No Shortcuts. Ever.


At Cain's Catering we believe that food should be celebrated everyday, from your weeknight dinners to your special occasions.

We also know it can be stressful at times so we are here to help you plan and enjoy everyday celebrations with our prepared meals and special event menus.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we will be pleased to cater for you!

Cain's Catering offers full course dinners with distinguished unique flavors and unforgettable culinary experiences. 

We cater to your cottage rentals, private homes, offices (& private boats too!) with absolute discretion and professionalism.

There is nothing quite like returning to a home cooked meal prepared and ready to be served at your dining room table. 

It is the restaurant experience without having to leave your home.

Meet Diane, Owner of Cain's Catering (formerly Di’s Picnic Basket)

Diane Cain is originally from Barrie, ON and has been living in Port Severn for 15 years. She started Di’s Picnic Basket over 5 years ago.  Diane has seen a need for catering year-round and has rebranded her business as Cain’s Catering to let people know she is more than just a picnic.

Diane currently rents the kitchen upstairs in the Coldwater Arena. This is where all the magic happens. Cain’s Catering prepares hot, healthy, and delicious lunches for private schools in Orillia. They offer catering for every type of occasion from a small family affair to a luncheon or dinner of 300 plus people.

Cain’s Catering offers a fresh homemade Lasagna Dinner for busy families on the go. Attending a potluck but running out of time to prepare your dish? Call Cain’s Catering and order a Lasagna with Garlic Bread, it will surely be a hit.  Want something different just ask.

What Makes Us Different

Build a relationship: From the start, Diane treats you like a friend. She builds a level of trust by communicating with you and understanding your needs. She wants to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible, which is why she takes her time to listen to every little detail.

Gather information about the event: She acquires the important details about your event, such as: Where will the event take place? How many guests will be attending? What is the occasion? and other important details to help you create your perfect day

.Gather details of the guests who will be attending: 

Diane wants to make sure that your guests are completely satisfied, and in order to do so she focuses on the demographics of the attending guests.

Create a menu based on the client’s concepts & theme: Once  Diane knows all the details of your event, she will work with you in creating a themed menu that will bring your vision to life.