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Going to the Cottage...

It's Friday night and anticipation of a peaceful weekend away fills your thoughts as you escape the congested city traffic. Your stomach begins to rumble...your thoughts turn to food....

What's for dinner tonight? 

What's for breakfast Saturday morning?

Plan your weekend menu with in your order and we will have your order packed, delivered and waiting for you.

Enjoy the most of your trip the cottage, spending as much time outside on the lake as possible. We will pack your fridge full of quality home cooked meals while you hit the beach.

The summer is short - let us help you enjoy it!

Perfectly simple meals for a night in with family and friends. (comes cold with heating instructions)

Each meal serves up to 6 people. 

Select 1 to 5 days worth of meals to keep your holiday hands free and spending it with the ones you love!

Home Cooked Family Style Meals 

Dinner Option 1: Beef or Vegan Chili, Raw Veggie Sticks, Fresh Rolls 

Dinner Option 2: Fresh Herb Tabbouleh, Chicken or Vegetarian Curry, Basmati Rice, Baguette 

Dinner Option 3:  Creamy Coleslaw, BBQ Pulled Pork & Soft Brioche Buns

Dinner Option 4:  Chicken Parm, with Buttered Noodles, Baguette 

Dinner Option 5: Caesar Salad, Traditional Lasagna (Beef or Vegetarian,) Baguette

Craving something sweet?

Dessert Add-Ons:

Fresh Baked Cookies (minimum order of 12), Chocolate Brownies, Apple Crisp, or Butter Tarts

Quantities are based on group sizes of up to 6 people. Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free items are available too;

Ask us for help selecting items that best suit your needs

“Weekend in a Box"

Food Delivery Services

Let’s face it: Planning can only get you so far. If your perfect weekend at the cottage includes good weather, good food, and good company, you might have to settle for two out of three. 

We can’t make it sunny, but we can ensure that you and your guests have a vibrant selection of mouth-watering food and beverages to complement your plans, rain or shine.

Avoid the disappointment of an empty fridge by sending us your shopping list a couple of days before you head up to Muskoka. We’ll do the legwork for you so when you arrive, you’re all stocked up and ready to roll.

Cain's Catering also offers custom-assembled food boxes prepared to your specifications and available for delivery straight to your doorstep or dock. 

Don’t feel like cooking? We’ll prepare meals for you, so all you have to do is open the box, grab some cutlery, and kick off your shoes.Or maybe you’re a dab hand in the kitchen but feel meh about grocery shopping.

 Send us a list of the ingredients you’ll need to prepare your favourite meal or that recipe you’ve been dying to try.

We’ll get you set up with local, farm-fresh produce and everything you need to make your magic happen in the kitchen.

With family and friends like yours, we know you won’t have any trouble generating good times and great conversation. 

And you know we’ve got you covered when it comes to delicious food, from fine cuisine to party platters.

Order Your Weekend Box Today!